Symon Latham's First Book of Falconry 1615, Transcribed 2017, Hardbound, 106 pages

Symon Latham's First Book of Falconry 1615, Transcribed 2017, Hardbound, 106 pages

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    Symon Lathamís First Book of Falconry 1615, Hardbound, Dust Wrapper, 105 pages Bob Dalton has done an Englishmanís transcription of this title older title for us to read and gain this very useful information. The print run is limited to 250 numbered copies so it will not last long on the market. This is the first book by Latham and it would seem the second will be coming in the future.

    Lathamís Table of Contents

    Introduction: (Bob Dalton) .
    CH1: A short collection of the natures and names of hawks, but especially of the haggard falcon.
    CH2: A perfect description of the haggard falcon, with the manner and course of her life, while she is wild, and unreclaimed.
    CH3: Here follows the manner of reclaiming your haggard, with the means how to enter her to the lure.
    CH4: How to order and govern your hawk in the time of her luring, and how to keep her from carrying, and other ill qualities incident to hawks of that time.
    CH5: A necessary observation concerning the general conditions hawks, and how to alter any malignant humour, or hurtful quality in them.
    CH6: How to order any wild hawk or other, that comes not from the mew.
    CH7: How you may know the nature and disposition of your hawk, as well as by the plume, as also by observation: and that being found, how to order and behave yourself towards them accordingly.
    CH8: Here follows the manner of bathing your hawks.
    CH9: The manner in how to weather your hawks.
    CH10: How to know the time and setting down your haggard, and when it is convenient to leave flying them.
    CH11: Here follows certain necessary instructions to be observed of every falconer before he doth put his hawk in the mew, which is a preparing and making ready of your hawk for the same.
    CH12: How to put your hawk into the mew, and how to order her while she remains there.
    CH13: How to take your hawk from the mew, and how to enseam her to make her ready to fly.
    CH14: How to know when your hawk is not thoroughly enseamed, and how to prevent those evils than do ensure by reason thereof.
    CH15: How to avoid slime, flut, and the like of imperfections in your hawk.
    CH16: Of the Ger-Falcon.
    Conclusion: (Bob Dalton)