Parachute and Deployment Tube System - Two Sizes Available - Various Colors

Parachute and Deployment Tube System - Two Sizes Available - Various Colors

    Price: $26.95

    Code: FE3015

    Weight: 0.20 pounds

    Parachute and Deployment Tube

    System Includes:
    Deployment Tube
    Clip and Swivel (x2)

    The Parachute is attached to the bait line and release with the supplied swivels and clips. When the bait release has been pulled by the hawk, the parachute slides from its deployment tube and opens. The parachute creates enough drag to slow the flight of the hawk, making it carry the parachute to the ground away from the main line of the kite or balloon. The advantage of using the parachute is that it can help to prevent the chance of tangling with the main line.

    If the parachute and deployment tube is to be used with an older version of the carbon fiber rod previously sold with the Complete Balloon and Kite Release System (FE3016) that does not have the attachment eyelet, please contact us for special instructions in how to attach it. Or purchase a new carbon fiber rod with the attachment eyelet, to do so Click Here and choose Option B.

    For other Release Parts Click Here

    Note: Please use caution when utilizing a parachute with a release system as it will require a relatively open space without trees or obstacles that the parachute could get caught on before it reaches the ground safely. However, most hawks simply carry it straight down to the ground.

    Parachutes are available in four bright colors (Neon Pink, Bright Yellow, Neon Green, Blaze Orange) making them easy to see and retrieve from the field.

    24" Parachute: 16 ounce raptors up to 36 ounce raptors
    30" Parachute: 32 ounce raptors up to 50 ounce raptors

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