Western Sporting Coroplast Hawk Box with Ventilation Fan - Exclusive (30052409)

Western Sporting Coroplast Hawk Box with Ventilation Fan - Exclusive (30052409)

    Price: $124.95

    Code: FE1189

    Weight: 10.00 pounds

    NOTE:This is a very popular product at the moment and we are having trouble keeping up with the demand. It may take up to two weeks for us to ship your Hawk Box. (12.06.16)

    Western Sporting Coroplast Hawk Box - Giant Hood with Ventilation Fan.

    Dimensions: 12"W x 24"H x 24"D (external)

    The Western Sporting Hawk Box is made using 4mm black Coroplast. This material has been used for many years to make hawk boxes because it is durable, light-weight, easy to clean, and easy on feathers. Each box is professionally cut, creased and welded. These hawk boxes will last for many seasons with a minimal amount of cleaning and care.

    The design of this giant hood allows it to be folded flat for lower shipping. Upon arrival, the hawk box is easily assembled using the provided nylon rivets and screws. Instructions are included.

    Ventilation Fan w/ multi-function switch for multiple power sources
    Internal Digital Thermometer with easy to read display in degrees Fahrenheit
    Padded perch with Stadium Astroturf and threaded screw inserts for easy installation.
    Three perch postions (for differing sizes of raptors)
    Unique door closures - no velcro
    2" dia. drain hole in floor for cleaning
    1/2 dia. ventilation holes around bottom of box
    Collapsible nylon webbing handle
    Cover/filter for ventilation fan included
    12V wall adapter with 3 ft. cord
    Includes free Charcoal floor mat for absorbing mutes in box.

    Head and Tail Clearance
    Head Clearance from Perch (from top of perch).
    Lower Position: 17" to top
    Middle Position: 16" to top
    Top Position: 15" to top

    Tail Clearance from Perch (from top of perch).
    Lower Position: 7" to bottom
    Middle Position: 8" to bottom
    Top Position: 9" to bottom

    Ventilation Fan
    A 2400 rpm, 25 dB ventilation fan is included with each Coroplast Hawk Box, creating a gentle flow of fresh air for the hawk. The ventilation fans are wired with a multi-function switch and can operate on either AA battery power, a wall adapter, or with a cigarette lighter adapter in a vehicle. Simply flip the switch and control which power source the fan uses. Each fan unit comes pre-assembled and is easy to install during box assembly.

    Internal Digital Thermometer
    A thermometer is mounted in each box that has an easy to read digital display showing the internal temperature in degrees Fahrenheit for the inside of the box at all times

    Note: Do not leave any raptor inside a hawk box while it is in direct sunlight or in poorly ventilated conditions, especially around car exhaust.

    Requires 8 AA batteries. Batteries not included. We recommend the purchase of high-quality rechargeable batteries for use with the ventilation fan. Regular AA batteries with 350 mAh capacity will run the ventilation fan for approximately 15 hours.