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Fox Loop Nylon Tethering - Complete Tethering System with No Falconry Knots
Fox Loop Nylon Tethering - Complete Tethering System with No Falconry Knots Quantity in Basket: None
Code: FE2027A
Price: $59.95
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Heavy Duty
Note: Heavy is the only system available at this time. More soon.

Complete “Fox” Loop Tethering System: Leash, Extender, Swivel & Jesses

This is a variation of our standard and looped nylon tethering systems, with the addition of a Fox-type looped leash. With this outfit you will never have to worry about your falconry knot coming undone while you are away.

Ordering Information: (Jesses Measurements = Bottom of button to end of slit for swivel.)

LARGE 20 - 60 Ounce Falcons & Hawks (Grommet Sizes #0 / 1/4” & #1 / 5/16”) Jesses 6 Ύ”, extender 4 1/2, Fox leash 22”

HEAVY DUTY 30 to 60 Ounce Hawks (Grommets Sizes #1 / 5/16” & #2 / 3/8”) Jesses 7 ½” extender 4 ½”, Fox leash 24”

The nylon cord used in this system is a very dense variety and just doesn’t wear out. Another desirable feature of this equipment is the seamlessly woven-in sennit rose knot used as the button on the jesses and extender--it is beautifully made, tight, just the right size and defies your hawks efforts at dismantling it. These complete sets include the Sampo swivel and are just the right length for a wide range of hawks from 20 to 60 ounces.

In the past this type of tethering system has been very expensive and difficult to acquire. Here is high quality equipment at a reasonable price.

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