N. A. Falconry & Hunting Hawks, 9th Ed, Beebe & Webster, (13110612)(R)

N. A. Falconry & Hunting Hawks, 9th Ed, Beebe & Webster, (13110612)(R)

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    During a recent trip to Western Sporting, Hal Webster was able to sign more copies of North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks. These copies are for sale while supplies last.

    North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks: The latest edition of this title is shipping now.

    Copyright 2013, 9th edition, 8.5" x 11", hardbound, dust wrapper, 2 Volumes, Slip Case, 832 pages, hundreds of images: color plates and illustrations. All the original chapters have been updated.


    *Front Matter: Acknowledgements, Dedication to Frank Lyman Beebe, Foreword by Jim Enderson, Introduction: So You Want to be a Falconer by Harold Melvin Webster, Jr.;

    *Forty-eight Chapters in five Sections: Introduction to North American Falconry (11 Chapters), The Broadwings (5 Chapters), The Shortwings (6 Chapters), The Longwings (11 Chapters), Further Reading (15 Chapters);

    *Six Appendices: The Hawks of Falconry, Anatomy of a Raptor, Glossary, Bibliography, References, Ango-Indian Hood Chart and Patterns by Jim Nelson, (and Index followed by Advertisers).


    Contributing Author Biographies
    Dedication to Frank Lyman Beebe by Bob Herrick & William Murrin
    Foreword by Prof. James H. Enderson
    Introduction: So You Want to be a Falconer by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
    The Hawks of Falconry by Stuart E. Rossell
    Becoming a Falconer in North America by Frederick W. Holderman - CHC
    Hoods & Hooding by Harold Webster, Frank Beebe, & James W. Nelson
    Red-tailed Hawk: Manning & Training by William C. Oakes
    Red-tailed Hawk: Squirrel Hawking by Gary Brewer
    The Harris' Hawk: Rabbits & Hares by Toby Bradshaw
    The Harris' Hawk: Hunting Birds by Harry McElroy
    The Ferruginous Hawk by Dave Daniher
    The Merlin by Eric Edwards & Kenneth C. Tuttle
    The Aplomado Falcon by James W. Nelson & Harry McElroy
    Feather Care, Imping & Coping by Stuart E. Rossell
    Hawks & Power Poles by Kirk Hohenberger
    Trained Hawks & Bird Abatement by Stuart E. Rossell
    Legal Aspects of Falconry by William Murrin
    Past, Present, & Future of North American Falconry by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
    Final Thoughts by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
    Glossary by Frederick W. Holderman - California Hawking Club
    Bibliography by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
    Anglo-Indian Hood Chart & Patterns Appendix to Hoods & Hooding

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