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Replacement Dust Covers- 11 Select Titles- Some Out of Print
Price: $8.95

A Hawk For The Bush - Jack Mavrogordato - Hardbound, Essential Shortwing Reading (R)
Price: $49.95

A Falcon In The Field - Jack Mavrogordato - Hardbound, 178 pages (R)
Price: $39.95

Behind The Scenes - Jack Mavrogordato - An Autobiography (R)
Price: $22.95

In Season - Matthew Mullenix, Softbound, 208 pages (R)
Price: $16.95

American Kestrels in Modern Falconry, M. Mullenix, Hardbound, 138 pages (R)
Price: $21.95

High Flying Gyrfalcons, Hardaswick / Christopher, Hardbound, 288 pages (R)
Price: $59.95

Trapping Essentials, An Illustrated Guide to Trapping, B. Woodruff, Softbound, 208 pages (R)
Price: $22.95

North American Falconry & Hunting Hawks, Latest Edition, F.L. Beebe & H.M. Webster, HB, 2 Vol, 832 p
Price: $99.95

Special Edition- North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks (R)
Price: $249.95

The Falconer's Journal - A valuable book for every falconer!
Price: $26.95

Falconry in The Land of Sun - S. M. Osman, Hardbound, 268 pages
Price: $32.95

Wildlife Law, Regulation & Falconry: Analysis of Legal Principles - William Murrin & Harold Webster
Price: $29.95

The Imprint Accipiter II, M. McDermott, 6 x 9, Hardbound, 272 pages (R)
Price: $54.95

Apprentice Study Guide - California Hawking Club - Must Have for all Apprentices (R)
Price: $24.95

Peregrine Quest - Clayton M. White, Hardbound, 416 pages (R)
Price: $32.95

Apprenticeship Manual - California Hawking Club, Important for All Apprentices (R)
Price: $16.95

A Treatise of Modern Falconry - James Campbell, Hardbound, 133 pages (R)
Price: $49.95

A Treatise of Modern Falconry - James Campbell - Soecial Binding Edition (#26 -100) (R)
Price: $89.95

A Treatise of Modern Falconry - James Campbell, Hardbound, Special Boxed Edition (#1-25) (R)
Price: $124.95

The Mirror Of Falconry by Pierre Harmont and The Falconry of Francois de Saincte Aulaire
Price: $64.95